What Is Best Practice?


What Is Best Practice?

Just because it is LEGAL does not mean that it is BEST PRACTICE. 

What do you think of when I say Human Resources? Typically, when I ask that question, Toby from the Office comes to mind. It conjures the image of rule following, socially awkward, and the killer of any fun thing. 

In my career, I’ve met a few Toby’s, but more often than not the stereotypical HR manager is changing. 

Human Resources has been undergoing a transformation in the last decade to the role of Talent Development. The terminology change reflects the changing view of the function – serving as a trusted advisor rather than the rule enforcer. 

This is a reflection of the broader understanding of team development at work — the focus should be more on optimizing performance rather than just scraping by with what’s legal. 

Sure, you can avoid getting sued, but is the new program you are putting in place the best choice for YOUR business? 

Making a strategic decision may be permissible within the eyes of the law, but does it have long term consequences for your culture? 

Increasingly, businesses see the opportunity to shape and mold their organization in a way of operating that best suits their industry, function and long term vision. While best practices prevail, there is still a wide spectrum of options. The paradigm is shifting from what is “right” to what is “best”.

If you lead a team, I encourage you to spend some time today to reflect on how you want to grow. How will your team help you reach your business goals? What do you want to help your team accomplish both personally and professionally? 


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