One Size Does NOT Fit All


One Size Does NOT Fit All

“If someone tells you there’s only one path or formula, they’re trying to sell you something”

I found myself telling that to someone that I was truly invested in their growth and development.

And its true. Even as someone who works with great content, I recognize there is not a single path to success. Especially with the advent of internet, there seems to be many people out there with slick marketing that advertise the “best” or “only” solution. While there is value in simplicity, I think a lot of great content leaves out a key caveat – learning has to be personalized to make it stick.

Rather, being in successful in your growth is dependent on core things:

  1. You know yourself. Ok this one sounds basic, but it can be the biggest challenge of all. Do you know yourself? For example, I know the best time of day and optimal conditions for writing this blog post. The “knowing” has come through years of trial and error. While I’ve taken great advice from other writers, I recognize that it took me time to find my own process. I also recognize that what works for me now may not work for me down the road. Knowing yourself is a continual process.
  2. You know what you want. Beyond just knowing how you tick, you also are acutely aware of your personal goals. Your goals are neither good or bad – the are simply a reflection of your personal goals and values. When I work with clients, one of the most basic (yet profound) exercises are pinpointing goals. And you cannot do all the things – choosing your goals means that you exclude what are NOT goals.
  3. You have a realistic expectation of yourself. Have you ever taken on WAY more than you can chew? Yeah – me too. I’m often overly optimistic on what I can get done in the time allotted. And learning can be like that too. You may decide you want to focus on your growth and take it all on now. Guess what – you only have so much capacity to do your growth well.

There are some great processes and programs out there. Here’s the flat truth – not all of them are for everyone at all times. Its critical you be able to discern what is best for you in this season.



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