Training & Workshops

Training & Workshops


Situational Leadership®

“J Prater Consulting is an official Trainer Partner of The Center for Leadership Studies, and is able to deliver Situational Leadership® training, the most successful and widely adopted leadership training available. Designed to teach leaders at all levels how to adapt their leadership style based on the ability and willingness of a person they’re trying to influence to complete specific tasks, Situational Leadership® training builds trust, increases productivity, and drives behavior change throughout organizations that deploy this practice. For more on Situational Leadership®, click here.”

Problem Solving & Creativity

Where are you putting your energy? Are you spending most of your time solving the problems in your business OR are you dealing with interpersonal conflict? Turns out, an examination of your problem solving style reveals opportunities for increased creativity and decreased team conflict. Using the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory, this workshop explores the individual nature of creative problem solving.

Your Talent Development Partner

Training is not intuitive. Yet, many times in organizations, we encourage our most technically skilled employees to train others without equipping them with the skills needed to train others well. Our Train the Trainer workshops are built to equip your team to effectively train and transfer knowledge to others.