Customized Solutions For A Unique You


Customized Solutions For A Unique You

Life … and business… move fast. You need the answers and solutions that work for you.

Early on in my business, I was a cheapskate.  I’m not afraid to admit it. 

If I could Google it and execute it on a shoestring budget, I would. This ultimately led to some late night work sessions, A LOT of frustrations, and occasionally I would have to spend MORE money fixing the mess I had made.

This year, I celebrate 6 years in business. And I’ve learned a very important lesson over the years – I will pay a premium for a tailored solution. 

You can have a DIY approach to your training and development. You can choose to use Google as your HR go-to. There are several low cost solutions for people-development out there.

But, wouldn’t you rather have a dedicated HR partner on your side? 

Our solutions at J Prater Consulting are more costly than Google, but are affordable for any small business. While investing into your people can be an expense, it DOES have long term pay-offs (such as increased employee engagement and retention).

Why not INVEST in your team and long term growth? 

We offer solutions that address the key needs of your organization. From lunch and learn workshops to 12 month leadership coaching packages.

To learn how we partner with teams just like yours, schedule a free discovery call. Bring a specific challenge and we can often provide a few actionable items during our time together.



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