I’ll Keep This Quick


I’ll Keep This Quick

Small businesses often don’t have the manpower or expertise to do talent development right.

And you shouldn’t.

In fact, small businesses live and die by their ability to be excellent at the product or service they deliver. If you are a florist, you aren’t expected to be a world-class caterer. If you operate a gym, you aren’t expected to cut hair.

Then why do some businesses struggle to ask for help with developing their people strategies?

I sometimes find that business owners feel that they should have it all figured out. After all, if they are a fair and honest leader, shouldn’t the perfect team follow?

In fact, creating a great people processes isn’t intuitive. Throw in the confusing requirements from a state and federal level, and it is enough to make your head spin.

Do not be afraid to ask for help. 

As a consultant, my role is to marry best practices with business success. Not every “textbook” initiative will work for your business. Your unique culture, industry and goals need to be considered in your people strategy.

You can use what you find on the internet to create a game plan, but wouldn’t you rather have a partner on your side? 

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