FAQ on Coaching


FAQ on Coaching

Since we’ve started to market coaching within our business, we’ve had a lot of questions regarding what coaching is all about. In this post, I’d share with you some general facts, answers and questions you might have around coaching. Have questions about coaching or want to schedule a free coaching session? You can do that here.


Common questions about coaching:

Is coaching therapy for business? 

Coaching and therapy are two different and important functions. Therapy is backward looking (origin story), while coaching is forward facing (action). Therapy seeks to treat imbalance, while coaching sees the client is whole and creative. I’m not equipped for therapy, and have the referral sources if any of my clients do need therapy.


Will you teach me a system in coaching? 

There are coaches out there that will teach you a program or a system – but my coaching is focused on helping YOU as the client find the answers within you that are right for you. Coaching is completely customized to each client, which means you are in the driver’s seat. My role is to ask you powerful questions to help a client find where they want to go and how they want to get there.


Do you fix employee problems? 

Coaching has traditionally been viewed in the past as a solution for problematic employees, used as one last ditch effort before terminating the employee. I’M NOT THAT KIND OF COACH. I engage with high potential employees that are interested in growth and development. We will engage to help remove barriers and formulate a plan to move forward.


Does a coach need to be an expert in my field? 

My role as a coach is to ask powerful questions to help a client discover the answers. I’ve found that coaching can be even MORE powerful if the coach is not embroiled in the day to day minutia of your field. My style of coaching is focused on coaching the person not the problem, giving the client the confidence and mindset to tackle complex problems going forward.

The problems of today will not be the problems of tomorrow, which is why it’s critical that coaching revolves around creating resources for the client to flourish in any situation.


Is coaching only for managers of others? 

No – coaching is for anyone that is seeking to grow and develop their leadership skills. And let’s be honest- you are a leader if you have direct reports but it is MORE CHALLENGING to lead when no one reports to you (ever heard of peer influence?)



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