Rules, regulations and policies.

Many times, I’ve felt like the role of Human Resources has become all about rule following and enforcement.

A great PR campaign has been done to shift the focus. But here’s the truth — rules and policies help codify a core need in business through shared expectations. 

I recently talked with another HR professional that did not believe in creating org charts or job descriptions. They believed that people were limited by those structures and ultimately if you allow people to work towards a passion, everything will work out.

While using heart-centered practices and missional focus is empowering, you cannot have progress without expectations. Expectations are the spoken or unspoken agreement between two parties regarding what they are asking of one another. 

Without expectations, members of a team will be in an increased state of stress, as they may not have a clear understanding of what they need to do to be successful.

Expectations are baked into the process of building an org chart. Where does information flow from? Who delegates and guides your work? How do we interface with one another across groups? 

Job descriptions are all about expectations. What must you deliver to be successful in the role? How can you know if you are measuring up? 

Coaching is about collaboratively setting and executing on expectations.

Want to move forward without these? Get ready to have frequent missed deadlines, subpar performance and LOTS of frustration. Why? Because your team cannot deliver without clear expectations.

Using tools like org charts and job descriptions are just another way to systematically organize expectations. 

If you don’t have clarity, your team will be frustrated because they do not understand the baseline of good performance in your organization. Want to learn more about setting and managing expectations with your team? Schedule a free 30 minute discovery session here.



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