Training is an opportunity to drive change, impact behavior, and move an organization forward. Good training has two key elements: clear, behaviorally based goals and content that gets participants involved. Jessica brings a strong understanding of adult learning and an engaging facilitation style to the classroom. With her background in Psychology, she's a master of asking the right questions and stepping back to allow participants to learn through activities and discussion.

Whether you'd like us to teach the class or just design the course and have your own staff teach, we offer scalable solutions to fit your situation.


Conquer, Rinse, Repeat

Lunch & Learn, Half Day Workshop

What happens in your brain when you set and achieve goals? Get ready for a deep dive into the psychology of goal setting. Participants in the half-day workshop will get additional time to practice and receive feedback on goal setting. 

Why Culture Counts

Lunch & Learn, Half or  Full  Day Workshop

Engagement, corporate culture and mission - can these impact your bottom line? Learn how to use culture to drive results. Explore the science behind engagement. Participants in the half and full day workshops will complete exercises to increase personal engagement and define their business's culture. 

A Business Case for Diversity

Lunch & Learn or  Half  Day Workshop

Diversity is more than just external differentiating factors. It is about the richness of experiences that leads to diversity of thought which serves your customers more fully. Learn more about the advantages and potential challenges of creating an intentionally diverse team. 

Train the Trainer

Half Day, Full Day or Multi-day Workshop

Specifically built for those who train others, this class looks at adult learning and how to apply in the workplace.

Leveraging Your Strengths

Lunch & Learn or Half  Day Workshop

Your past experiences, current situation, and natural talents all come together to form your strengths. Learn to leverage what you've already got to take your career to the next level. 

Knowledge Retention

Lunch & Learn, Half or  Full  Day Workshop

A broad overview of how to curate, organize and maintain knowledge systems. Ideal for organizations anticipating hiring teammates or experiencing turnover due to retirements.

Hey Boss, There's a Monster under My Desk
Combating Fear in the Workplace

Lunch & Learn, Half or  Full  Day Workshop

A critical exploration of fear in the workplace with tips and tools to battle the emotion that may be eating away at your productivity. Designed for managers, human resources teams or key employees dealing with organizational change.