The Cyclical Nature of Employees


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The Cyclical Nature of Employees


The cyclical nature of employees


I was having a conversation with a peer last week and we talked about the employee life cycle – the continual process of recruiting, training, and retaining employees. While many businesses wish they could be “done” with it, the truth is, it is TRULY a cycle.


Employees are always growing. They may move into new roles within or outside the company. 


Think of your strongest employee. Imagine the drive he or she has. Do they have aspirations to grow and develop? If so, do you still imagine they will be doing the same job the same way in 5 years? In all likelihood, they will not. 


If you want to keep this employee long term, you need to be planning now for the opportunities they can be presented with in the future. This may not look like a promotion or change in title, but simply opportunities for growth. With the Great Resignation that we have seen over the past few months, employees are reevaluating their current roles and often looking outside their current business to meet their growth needs. 


Perhaps your business has emerged from the Great Resignation with your key players still in their existing roles. Don’t JUST sit back and congratulate yourself. Hopefully, your business is succeeding and expanding. With that, there is a need for new employees and skills to be developed and brought into the business.


In truth, companies that are “done” with the work of hiring, training, and retaining employees may quickly find themselves losing key talent and struggling to perform at their core business. Employees, after all, take with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that cannot be quickly replaced. 


You need a partner on your side to help you navigate the employee life cycle. Put your people needs as a priority, just like any other strategy or initiative. J Prater Consulting specializes in Talent Development solutions tailored to the needs of your business. Want to learn more about how we can help you achieve your business goals? Schedule a call with us today to help learn how we can partner with your business to navigate the employee life cycle.



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