Jun 19, 2019, 8:30 AM
The Tasty Table (upstairs meeting space)

Have you a gone a week without having to solve a problem? Face it - problem solving is central to most jobs. Whether it be getting the customer the right product, getting everyone to agree or helping remove barriers - effectively solving problems is a skill you must possess to succeed. 


What if I told you that we all solve problems differently? Just like other personality traits, all have their our own unique “signature” approach in problem-solving. I have helped over 120 clients understand and leverage their unique style over the past 3 years. A certificated practitioner in the Kirton Adaption Innovation Inventory, I use the time-tested assessment in partnership with practical experience to connect clients to improved performance through greater understanding of self and team dynamics.

This assessment has fundamentally changed how I approach and solve problems. I invite you to join me at this live workshop to learn more about YOUR OWN problem solving style.

                              - Jessica Prater

Your presentation truly made such an impact on me. I have the notes I took from it at my desk and reference them often. Not to sound cliché, but that time spent in that room changed my perspective on my life...  - Workshop Attendee

Anticipated oUtcomes

Those that complete assessment and participate in the workshop should expect:

  • Increased awareness of your PERSONAL APPROACH to problem-solving

  • Understanding of how to increase team communication and cohesion

  • Identification of stressors or stumbling blocks to growth 

  • Appreciation for intellectual diversity and the value of multiple approaches

  • Tools to assist in situations where you have to approach a problem differently

Your ticket includes:​

KAI Assessment and Pre-conference questionnaire ($55 value)

Live training on the KAI assessment and action planning based on your results  ($180 value)

KAI Results Report ($25 value)

Total value of $260 for only $79

What is the KAI?

The Kirton Adaption Innovation (KAI) Assessment is a tool used to help individuals uncover their strengths in problem-solving. For nearly 40 years, the KAI has been used in businesses and academic institutions to reinforce problem-solving, teamwork and creativity. Organizations including US Naval Academy, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and the Center for Creative Leadership have turned to the KAI as a tool for building their teams.


The KAI is best utilized when guided by a practitioner. In addition to the assessment, I take all my clients through a guided discussion where we go over your personalized results, talk about the structure and background of the KAI and make application towards your career and business.


This is a rare opportunity - we normally only conduct this class with large teams or organizations - this public course gives freelancers, independent contractors, entrepreneurs, and  small teams the opportunity to take part in this training.


Seating is VERY limited for this engagement - purchase your ticket today.

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**Note ** We are in process of building a virtual library and will be filming this workshop. As a benefit for being part of this taping opportunity, prices have been reduced.  Any questions or comments will not be added to the final edit of the video without your written consent. Your personal results will be kept confidential. By participating in this workshop you agree to be recorded.