#motivationmonday with Damita McGhee

On this #motivationmonday coffee chat, Jessica talks with Damita McGhee, of Unapologetically Passionate Mompreneurs. Damita works with women to transform their ideas into a profitable at-home business and is full of inspiration for the mom looking to balance taking care of a family while still pursuing her dreams.

Jessica dives in by finding out where Damita finds motivation in her business. Damita shares that she is on a mission to help women across the globe realize that they can have it all. She feels passionately about this, stating, “We can be sensational spouses, magnificent moms, powerful, profitable business women right from the comfort of our own home with the right tools, resources, and support.” She goes on to talk about something all moms are familiar with - doing what she has to do to make sure she taking care of her family. But if women are given the opportunity to get everything they need financially from home then they can be more present with their family. Damita feels so strongly about this that she states it’s become her life’s mission.

Jessica notes that Damita has a very powerful mission statement - something that can affect lives and change people. But since that might not be the case for everyone, she asks Damita what she would say to someone who doesn’t really have that same type of powerful mission statement yet. Damita says simply, “Just get started.” If you have a vision or a passion, something driving you to start a business, then follow that drive and passion. That is exactly what Damita did 19 months ago before she started her own company. As she playfully puts it, “It’s really important to just get started - version 1.0 is infinitely better than version 0.0.”

Damita works with a lot of moms, helping them transform their ideas into a home-based business. Jessica asks what type of motivation she sees while working with them - do they have their own internal motivation or do they need some type of external motivation? Damita shares that most all of her clients need external motivation because most lack confidence. She hears things like, “Why would anyone listen to me?” “What value do I have to offer?” … and other various reasons they tell themselves it can’t be done. Damita says that her clients need external motivation until they can believe it themselves. She encourages her clients to just take a step because with every step they gain confidence. They may have to borrow her confidence and courage for a while until they have enough. She shares wisely, “You cannot brag about having courage if you weren’t afraid to do something in the first place.” She also says, “The story you tell yourself is the loudest one, the one you believe the most.”

Jessica then transitions by asking Damita what advice she would offer someone who may not be in their dream job but needs their motivation built to get to the next step. Damita talks about how you might be in a job that you feel under appreciated, or you are bored, or you are not being challenged… but there is always the opportunity to gain necessary skills you need to be effective in your future business. She encourages every one to ask, “What can I do in my current position that can prepare me for the company I want to build?”

In closing, Damita shares that she very internally motivated when it comes to getting through challenges that arise. She says she knows not everyone is like that, but that personal development has been a priority for her for many years. She takes time to listen to inspirational and motivational content, to meditate, to journal, and give herself daily affirmations.

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