Could COVID actually be good for the world?

I feel like I've said this a MILLION TIMES, but it serves to say it again. 2020 has been... interesting.

I was on a call with a group of ladies last night speaking about coping in these challenging times. I asked them to share how their lives had changed since March. At first, the comments were negative. Loss of jobs/income, inability to see family, having to cancel vacations. Unexpected things that all of us are dealing with.

And then, one participant chimed in and talked about how she has enjoyed the slower pace that COVID has brought to her life. Then, others started sharing positive experiences that they have had since life and business fundamentally changed in COVID.

I'm going to confess, I was not ready for that line of thinking.

What if 2020 is actually good for the world?

After taking a deeper dive and I found some positive impacts:

- Accidents are going down and insurance companies are refunding the difference

- The environment is positively impacted

- We are re-evaluating how we work

When I talk with individuals and businesses, many are taking the time to examine current norms and processes to make their organization better when the market gets back to full speed ahead.

For me, it was a great reminder that while there may be negative impacts on both the market and individuals, the COVID-19 pandemic can offer us a unique opportunity to re-evaluate, grow, and prepare for the next season.

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