#motivation Monday with Renee Hribar

It’s time for another #motivationmonday coffee chat! Are you looking for a powerful and kind hearted way to sell your services? Are you stressed out by the thought of sales? Are you looking for a better way to invite the right people to work with you while eliminating the awkwardness that can go with it? You may be a self-proclaimed introvert, or you may just not be comfortable with the idea of selling. That’s how Jessica would have once described herself, but once she began working with Renee Hribar to learn more about sales, it changed the way she thought about her business.

Renee has sold millions of dollars of products and services for companies large and small, and has brought her company online to teach thousands more how to “Sell Like a Mother.” In this chat, Renee shares with Jessica her motivation to show up for her family while also running a thriving business. She is also motivated to share the skills she has learned to be successful both personally and professionally, helping other women learn how to use technology to be in control of their schedules and careers. She finds personal and professional growth through the online community of her Facebook group, where hundreds of women are contributing to conversations ranging from batch cooking to the going rate for the Tooth Fairy. As Renee puts it, “Community feeds our soul and helps us know that we are not alone . . . it puts us on the right track.”

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