#motivationmonday with Jenni Schubring

On this #motivationmonday coffee chat, Jessica speaks with Jenni Schubring. Jenni is a transformational life coach, speaker, and her focus is on making you your best self.

After discovering that Jessica and Jenni have similar coffee tastes (plain coffee with some cream and caramel to be exact) Jessica jumps in by asking Jenni what motivates her to do what she does each day? For Jenni, she finds inspiration in embracing who God made her to be, honoring who she is, and then in turn bringing her gifts to the people who have been placed in her life.

Jenni uses her gifts to coach others so Jessica knew she would have great feedback on how to encourage people who are going through a major pivot in their personal life or career. Jenni talks to people about getting to know who they REALLY are - not who other people may think they are, and to find their gifts. She believes that true motivation comes from honoring your strengths and values.

One specific thing Jenni does in her business is to help others find their “self” and discover their strengths in their business. Jessica asks, “For your journey, what has been some of the most impactful tools or processes in your own self discovery?” Jenni found the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment to be such eye opener. As she puts it, "When something is so innate within you, it’s hard to recognize that in yourself." She found that adaptability and communication were some of her biggest strengths which helped her attach values to how to apply those strengths in her work.

Jessica then asks what a good way is to help someone who may be struggling with finding their own motivation. Jenni says, “If you can go back in the last couple weeks and think of a time when you felt invigorated … or if there is something you have done in the last 6 months and you felt amazing … think on that moment and what it was. Those are the moments you can pinpoint your motivation.”

To wrap up their coffee chat, Jessica asks, “There are a lot of people out there that are still working towards their ideal job. What do you say to people who aren’t in their best situation right now but are working towards it?” Jenni shares how she tells people that if you can find a job where you are using your strengths 75% that is ideal. But that’s not realistic for many people, so find something outside your job where you can use your strengths. You have opportunity to impact whoever is around you. Do your best in what you are doing, and look for ways to use your gifts outside your job. Jenni’s family has been very supportive of her business. She recognizes that there are sacrifices that have had to be made, but has been so pleased that no one has complained. They see the value, her happiness, and hear stories of what others have gone through but were able to champion through. She sees so much value in her kids being able to hear what others have gone through. Her daughter even wants to start her own baking business. Jenni and Jessica both love that the entrepreneurial life sets your kids up for an understanding what hard work means and what it looks like to run your own business.

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