#motivationmonday with Candie Conet

On this #motivationmonday coffee chat, Jessica speaks with Candie Conet. You can find Candie on her Facebook business page, “My Back Office Coach” and connect with her through the group “I Eat Bookkeeping for Breakfast.” Candie is a small business bookkeeping coach who targets small companies seeking help with their bookkeeping skills and strategy. Candie shares how she never thought she’d be the “bookkeeping type,” until a relative took her under his wing and hired her as a teenager to work part time for his business. As she started learning more about bookkeeping and growing in her knowledge, she recognized her passion for it and started dreaming of owning her own business.

Jessica starts the coffee chat by learning that Candie is, in fact, not a coffee lover and prefers hot chocolate with a big dollop of whip cream. We will try not to let that bias our opinion of her ;) Jessica then jumps in by posing the question to Candie, “What motivates you in your business?” Candie finds enjoyment in working alongside other businesses and learning the ins and outs as well as solving the various challenges unique to different industries. She wants to know the “whole picture” - how her clients ended up in their business and what they love about their work. As an expert in bookkeeping, her job is to teach her clients to understand the numbers, get a grasp on what is coming in and out each month, and show them how a better understanding of that can lead to more productivity and profitability.

Jessica transitions by asking Candie how she fills her time during the slower seasons of her work cycle. Candie describes how she likes learning more about her field by engaging in continuing education courses. This is a great reminder that you don’t have always be 100% dialed in to your business and it’s important to take time to understand where else you might find motivation.

In closing, Jessica seeks advice for others who are new in their business and still trying to build their motivation. Candie shares, “If it doesn’t create that passion and purpose in wanting to do that thing, whatever it might be, then you may need to hone in a little more. Maybe do a little searching and tweak it.” This strategy is how Candie discovered her vision for her business - she recognized her love was found in the training, teaching, and supporting of the small business owners. And this is exactly how you will find her spending her days.

Want to check out what Candie is doing? https://www.facebook.com/groups/bookkeepingforbreakfast/ Want to learn more about #motivationmonday coffee chats? https://www.jpraterconsulting.com/motivationmonday

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