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On this #motivationmonday coffee chat, Jessica sits down with Sasha Gray, of “Scattered Sasha.” Sasha is a motivational speaker, writer, business consultant, and a motivational mindset mentor who makes a lot of waves on the internet with her show “Scattered Sasha.” She is full of inspiration and Jessica was excited to spend a few minutes chatting with her about where she finds motivation in her business.

After a fun icebreaker discussion on hazelnut coffee, flavored creamers, and owning an assortment of coffee mugs (this is a coffee chat after all), Jessica dives right in by asking Sasha what motivates her in her business.

When Sasha left Corporate America she found her focus shifting and the “why” behind her motivation changing. These days her two main motivations come from making a difference in people’s lives and teaching her daughter that she can break the mold by being anything she wants to be. Sasha says, “The power of the written word, the visual, the funny and humerus, and the motivational things you can put out in the world today thanks to this wide virtual world we’ve created are really my motivation.” She describes the joy she gets from receiving messages from people on how her content has turned their day around. She also works hard to show her daughter that she can create whatever she wants to be based on her own talents and the needs she finds around her.

Jessica transitions by asking Sasha what kept her moving forward when she was starting to build her brand. Sasha describes how when she first got started her dream and each little success kept her motivated. She says, “Grab on to whatever piece of productivity or purpose you have to go forward and let that be your motivation.” She makes a great analogy of “believing the nine” - describing how you may walk in to a room of ten people and nine of them give compliments on your shirt, but then one person comments how blue isn’t your color. You may find that every time you pass that blue shirt on the hanger in your closet you will say to yourself, “Well, blue isn’t my color.” But Sasha wants to flip the switch - encouraging that we must believe the nine positive comments and ignore the negative.

To wrap up their chat, Jessica closes by asking for feedback on going forward once you achieve some of your dreams. Sasha simply reminds people that you never stop dreaming. Keep looking for the next dream if you find the one you began with.

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