Creatively Solve Problems

Find Solutions Through Your Unique Strengths

Personalize Your approach
Learn to Cope
Flourish In Change

The World Turned Upside Down

Crowd with Masks

Times are strange with COVID-19 and the impact to the world economy. No doubt your life looks different. You may be facing:


  • reduced hours

  • working remotely

  • juggling children

  • loss of income


Don't let this opportunity pass you by - use this time as a gift to develop yourself to deal with the challenges you will experience over the coming months. 

one Size Does Not Fit All

Personalize your approach with an assessment that gives insight into your problem solving style

Learn to cope by better identifying your problem spots and potential triggers.

Flourish in change through understanding how you tick.

We Know Its an Uncertain time
We give you opportunities to grow
  • Proven assessment used in organizations such as the US Navy, PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Center for Creative Leadership

  • Principal Consultant Jessica Prater has proctored the assessment for over 150 individuals

  • Built on over 50 years of academic research

Assessment Packages

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Gain basic understanding of personal problem solving style.

Assessment only.



Invest in your long-term problem solving skills. 

Assessment + Coaching Session


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Transform your team's performance (up to 10 employees).

Assessments + Coaching + more


We're Completely Virtual! 

Every step of our process is virtual - allowing you to get the development you want safely and conveniently.

  • Turn off Netflix and take assessment

  • Complete virtual education through online class and/or video coaching

  • Prepare to hit the ground running when opportunities arise

The Bottom Line

There's a lot of change going on. Don't waste your downtime in isolation. Spend time developing your skills to navigate the problems that will arise during the coming months. 

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