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Problem Solving and Creativity


What is common with all jobs? 

To be successful you MUST solve problems. Problems like:


the books not balancing (Finance), 

inventory shortages (Logistics)

getting the right people in right job (HR)

unhappy clients (Customer Service)

those unhappy clients suing (Legal)

not being visible to customers (Marketing)

getting the product made on time, on schedule (Operations)

technology failures (IT)

meeting a deadline (Project Management)


You see it everyday.


A problem arises and the better you are at “fixing” the problem, the better you are at your job. Come to think of it, all a job really is is a series of solving problems. As we transition into this next decade, and automation is routinely taking the place of repetitive and systematic jobs.



J Prater Consulting specializes bringing together talent development principles with problem solving and creativity. 



Using industry standard tools and group techniques, our team is able to help take your problem solving abilities to the next level. Your ability to meet future challenges is directly related to your capacity to quickly solve problems.


But problem solving is not done in a vacuum - your team plays a vital role in your success. With experience in organizational development, our staff is uniquely qualified to not only implement solutions that will increase your ability to creatively find solutions, but also will take into consideration your team dynamics and longer term impacts.


Jessica Prater is certified practitioner of The Kirton Adaption Innovation (KAI) Assessment through the Center for Cooperative Problem Solving at Virginia Tech. KAI is used to help individuals uncover their strengths in problem-solving. For nearly 40 years, the KAI has been used in businesses and academic institutions to reinforce problem-solving, teamwork and creativity. Organizations including US Naval Academy, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and the Center for Creative Leadership have turned to the KAI as a tool for building their teams.


We offer solutions tailored to your organization- through workshops, 1-1 coaching, and long term projects. Want to learn more about how we can help your team improve their ability to solve problems? Set up a FREE Discovery Call today.