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Kirton Adaption Innovation Assessment and Debrief


The Kirton Adaption Innovation (KAI) Assessment is a tool used to help individuals uncover their strengths in problem-solving. For nearly 40 years, the KAI has been used in businesses and academic institutions to reinforce problem-solving, teamwork and creativity. Organizations including US Naval Academy, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and the Center for Creative Leadership have turned to the KAI as a tool for building their teams.


The KAI is best utilized when guided by a practitioner. In addition to the assessment, I take all my clients through a guided discussion where we go over your personalized results, talk about the structure and background of the KAI and make application towards your career and business.

Personality assessment includes:

KAI Assessment and Pre-conference questionnaire ($55 value)

Live Virtual Assessment Debrief and Action planning ($180 value)

Recording of assessment debrief available for ($30 value)

KAI Results Report ($25 value)

Post-session summary report ($60 value)



This is my MOST REQUESTED SERVICE right now, and spots are limited. ​
Personality Assessment & Debrief
1 h