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What if I told you that most businesses are missing out on a simple but powerful process that leads to better hires and increased productivity? These businesses are relying on hundreds of old, irrelevant documents to help find, select and guide their teams. 

Job descriptions MATTER in the success of your business.


Businesses are changing rapidly. You may be facing:


  • Teams working remotely or limited time on site.

  • Posting a job and wading through hundreds of applications.

  • New products, offerings and services to retain your customers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Blurred lines with division of labor.

Focus on process excellence by perfecting the fundamentals.

  • 12+ years in the Human Resources Field

  • Trusted by dozens of employers to deliver HR solutions to their team

  • Written and edited countless customized job descriptions

Jessica Prater
Principal Consultant
Image by Blake Wisz

Sales Representative

Need someone to close the sale? 


Image by Brooke Lark

Community Manager

Online community managers moderate and manage social groups. 


Image by Christian Wiediger

Social Media Manager

Attract your idea client with relevant content delivered by your social media manager.



Operations Specialist

Your point person to get all the "other" things done.


Image by Austin Distel

Administrative Assistant 

Whether in person or virtually, this role will help get the little details done.


The Bottom Line

There's a lot of change going on. Your team needs multiple ways to have their voice heard. Deploying an engagement survey is ONE MORE TOOL to allow for open dialogue. 

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Job descriptions are the Start to a world class organization​.
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