I Just Assumed…


I Just Assumed…

Assumptions can get someone into trouble. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotten into some real pickles because I assumed something had been done.

I assumed my husband had transferred the car seat before he left, but when my son and I went out to the car, we realized my son’s car seat had gone on a ride halfway to town.

I assumed we’d have a coffee maker in our backwoods cabin, and had a rude surprise when we woke up the first morning. Needless to say, we had a LONG trip into town that day to procure my much needed jolt.

You get the picture…

In the past couple years, everyone has had to change their practices at work. Whether it be including social distance and masks or working completely remotely, no job or team has remained the same. 

Many teams are feeling disconnected and burnt out following a couple years of uncertainty. 2022 is definitely a year for investing in growth and engagement. While you may have ideas of how to do this, you may be making a choice in a vacuum. 

Why make assumptions when you can get input from the whole team?

Now is a great time to challenge your assumptions.

From 360 assessments, engagement surveys, and culture audits, we’ve brought a wide range of solutions to teams just like yours that provide a new perspective. Now is the time – with changes in the workforce and the economy, you can’t afford to remain “stuck” in the old ways of doing things.

Want to bring in a partner to help challenge your assumptions? We’d love to bring out experience to your team. 

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