Aug 15, 2019, 9:30 AM
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Fear is an epidemic in the workplace - not just for the traditional corporate employee! Small business owners, freelancers and solo-preneurs are some of the MOST susceptible to fear and anxiety in their career journey.


It's not just intangible - fear can truly effect your bottom line! The presence of fear has been proven to decrease effectiveness and increase errors in work. It is crippling and we often avoid discussing the topic. 

How do you effectively manage fear in yourself and your team? 


Our straightforward workshop will talk about the psychological foundation of fear and how it shows up in the workplace. We will discuss strategies to approach fear, while having an open dialogue about best practices. Want to change your mindset on fear? Join us for this workshop! 

                              - Jessica Prater

Your presentation truly made such an impact on me. I have the notes I took from it at my desk and reference them often. Not to sound cliché, but that time spent in that room changed my perspective on my life...  - Workshop Attendee

Anticipated oUtcomes

  • Increased awareness of how fear can impact productivity and effectiveness

  • Understanding the signs and symptoms of workplace fear

  • Identification of situations where fear can flourish

  • Best practice sharing on overcoming fear in workplace and career 

Why Focus on Fear?
  • In a nation-wide study, the #1 fear was lack of compensation (64%) and #2 fear was job loss (22%) - BOTH are situations that directly impact small business owners and solo-preneurs. 11/7/18 

  • Fear impacts major indicators of business success including job satisfaction and organizational commitment

  • Many talk about fear as something to be overcome - FEW talk about fear management


This is a rare opportunity - we normally only conduct this class with large teams or organizations - this public course gives freelancers, independent contractors, entrepreneurs, and small teams the opportunity to take part in this training.


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